# Exchange mail server

Microsoft 365 / Office 365

This also relates to Exchange Online (opens new window)

When a mailbox is created at the Exchange mail server and used as an inbound email address, custom headers are added to the email when the Add this Contract as a Recipient button is pressed. This button also puts the inbound email address in the CC field. When messages sent using the Outlook app arrive in the inbound email inbox, the headers are still present. However, when Agiloft processes those emails, the server may remove the headers.

These custom headers are:

  • x-agiloft-record-id
  • x-agiloft-table-id

To authorize these custom headers, follow these steps. To do so, you must have access to the inbound email inbox.

  1. Log in to the inbound email account
  2. Install the add-in (Agiloft Contract Assistant for Outlook) for this account.
  3. Connect to your KB, using an admin-level login and password.
  4. Create a new message and add a contract record as a recipient. Ensure that the inbound email address is added to the CC field.
  5. Copy the email address in the CC field and add it to the To field. This email address should remain present in the CC field.
  6. Enter some arbitrary text in the Subject and Body fields of the email, then click Send.

This results in the email being routed correctly to the record you selected in step 4 above, and authorizes the custom headers listed above for all users sending emails through the Outlook app for the particular organization.